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Choosing a gift is not an easy task and even less so for a traveler friend, but perhaps in this particular 2021 it was that we realized the importance of showing affection to our loved ones and friends or if the globetrotters we want to pamper we are ourselves we are going to decorate the spaces we inhabit.

viajeros confinados

Confined travelers: Planning future adventures or remembering past ones is a way to combat those desires to go out and live as we did before the virus.

In this case, we have compiled gifts for travel lovers , so that they can plan future adventures or remember past ones, it is a way to combat those desires to go out and live as we did before the virus.

Therefore, here is our great proposal and true to our style… World Maps! .

Maps to give away

The maps that are used to hang on the wall as if it were a painting is the ideal gift for globetrotters who had to stop a little this year and for those who want to understand even more about geography. Let’s not get dizzy in the diversity of world maps because there is a special one for each user, but if you want to know we have an article about them.

mapamundi para regalar

This world map will help you to accommodate your photos, your tickets to concerts or museums around the world, even those small and light memories that you still don’t know where to put them in a simple way, just nailing them with thumbtacks. It will not only serve to decorate a corner of your house with a very common image but at the same time personalized with your objects, but also to organize what you brought or were brought from trips and that are collecting dust in a drawer. If you are a genius of geography, you can mark the capitals of the world or the cities in which you are interested in visiting. The silhouette of the continents can be designed in full color or monochrome and you will find the same variety for the thumbtacks in their color scale as their head shapes. Some fans of this type of map divide their pins into two colors to differentiate the places they have already visited from those they want to know.


cork world map


Printing photos has become a total rarity. But this cork world map will invite you to print the photos of your trip around the world or look for the postcards that were sent to you. The cork will allow you to puncture your images without much effort, in addition to the fact that the installation of this product is as easy as placing a painting, some even come with a self-adhesive to facilitate installation.

A tip for travelers and nostalgics is to ask for polaroid -type photo printing. But not everything is to beautify the environments we inhabit, this cork world map is very effective to give to those who have companies and are thinking of expanding. In that case, it can be part of an office space where the future global projection is seen by all employees. The brown color of cork makes it friendly to any environment and decoration, it is a noble material in which images can be held with thumbtacks, self-adhesive tape and pins. In general, the design tends to be minimalist and if you want to add colors, you can customize this feature to your liking with what you add to your cork world map.

world map to scratch

This type of sheets seems like pure magic but it is not. This map is a state of constant amazement because by scratching you will be able to discover the countries. At first, the world will seem all the same color to you, but you just have to get down to work and start scraping the sites you have already visited and if you get anxious, those you want to know. In general, this object is made of tissue paper with the silhouette of the world map in gold, giving it a more vintage touch, to facilitate the action of scratching and below you will find colorful tones with all the data that a good traveler needs such as the capital, the limits well established and some geographical accidents, that is to say, a whole physical-political map.

The size deserves a separate chapter because there are extra-large ones to place them on a wall and other relatively small ones for those who like to carry it and point it out as they go around the world. This gift is not only ideal for tourists but for the most adventurous children and even those who hate memorizing countries, they can find a twist to learn a little more about geography and cartography.

world map with flags

Remembering the colors of the flags is not for everyone. There are those who use this type of maps as a personal challenge and others as a great memory aid. Whatever the use, this map comes in different types of materials, in some its finish allows writing on the sheet and in others it can also be scratched. The variety in this type of world map and country maps is very wide but it is the most visual of all since the national flags of each State allow a more complete and extended view of the world we inhabit.

world map for wall

Unlike the sheets that come complete, these silhouettes made of materials as diverse as cork, wood, vinyl and even blackboard allow you to use your own wall as if it were the background, actually oceans and seas, which surround the continents. They are easy to install and can help you when designing the space you want to decorate or when you do not want to occupy the entire wall. This type of world map is usually more modern and minimalist, generally physical and/or political, that is, without much more information, because the idea is to accompany the environment and not overload it.

Original and creative maps

And among so many maps you can not miss the “out of series”, the only ones. And here we leave you some that you will not see anywhere, which can be for little travelers in the form of puzzles or for traveler-gamers. If you don’t understand the latter, then you’ll see.

gift for travelers

That the little ones are not left out, that they also like to travel or learn? Well here our selection for future globetrotters.
HomeEvolution, Mapa del mundo adhesivo [texto en inglés], de tamaño grande, desmontable, para niños, guardería, sala de juegos, decoración de pared
  • Tamaño: Viene en 2 hojas de 100 cm (alto) x 30 cm (ancho). Fácil de aplicar, despegar y pegar, montar fácilmente con elementos precortados.
  • Colorido impreso en película transparente de alta calidad (respetuoso con el medioambiente, adhesivo, resistente al agua).
  • Colocar sobre superficies listas, limpias y secas. Extraíble, reposicionable sin dejar marcas ni residuos pegajosos.
  • Mapa de viaje educativo pero divertido del mundo con países, banderas y animales. Regalo perfecto para el salón de juegos del bebé. Fantástica decoración para pared.
  • Una herramienta preescolar para aprender.¿Qué animales viven en América del Norte/Sur? ¿Y en África? ¿Y en Asia? ¿Y en Europa? ¿Y en Australia? ¿Y en Antártida? Viaja alrededor de 7 continentes y 5 océanos (Pacífico, Atlántico, Índico, Ártico, Océano Antártico). Más información sobre los lugares de interés y edificios. Da a tu hogar un aspecto fresco.
Janod - Puzzle magnético Mapa del Mundo en madera- 92 piezas magnéticas - 70 x 43 cm - Versión Española - Juego educativo a partir de 7 años, J05503
  • APRENDIENDO CON DIVERSIÓN: ¡Vamos a dar la vuelta al mundo en 92 imanes! Diviértete poniendo cada país en su lugar, obtendrás un hermoso mapa del mundo que podrás colgar en la pared. Una forma divertida y educativa de descubrir el planeta y aprender sobre geografía. Dimensiones: 70 x 43 cm. Ideal a partir de los 7 años. Rompecabezas en español.
  • MAPA DEL MUNDO CON ROMPECABEZAS: Cada imán representa un país o una región del mundo, con su nombre, su capital y una ilustración que caracteriza esta parte del globo. El gran tablero magnético representa el mundo con sus continentes, mares y océanos: el color usado para cada región te ayuda a encontrar tu camino.
  • ROMPECABEZAS MAGNÉTICOS: Muy práctico, cada pieza del rompecabezas es un imán que se magnetiza a sí mismo en el tablero para que no se pierda. Fácil de guardar, el puzzle también puede ser exhibido verticalmente, las piezas permanecen adheridas a su soporte.
  • CONTENIDO: Bandeja de madera y 92 piezas magnéticas. Material: MDF para la bandeja y madera contrachapada para los imanes. Con cordón de algodón para colgar el rompecabezas en la pared.
  • ADORABLE DISEÑO FRANCÉS: Los finos materiales, los colores elegidos y el cuidadoso diseño de los juguetes de madera de Janod les permiten encajar en la vida cotidiana en completa armonía. Todos los juguetes de Janod son diseñados en Francia, en el Jura.

Gift for gamer travelers

INPHIC- Alfombrilla Raton Gaming, XXL 900x400mm, Grandes Mapamundi Mouse Pad, Impermeable con Base de Goma Antideslizante, Special-Textured Superficie para Gamers Ordenador, PC y Laptop
  • 900 x 400 x 3 mm: la alfombrilla del mouse es lo suficientemente grande para su mouse, teclado y más. Ya sea que desee jugar o simplemente para mejorar su productividad, la alfombrilla de ratón extendida INPHIC XXL puede ayudarlo a controlar mejor su PC y proteger su escritorio.
  • Control de mouse suave y preciso: la alfombrilla de mouse para juegos IPHIC utiliza un acabado de baja fricción que permitirá un seguimiento rápido y preciso a través de su superficie. Esta superficie rígida de micro textura es ideal para la velocidad y se sigue bien. Apto para jugadores RTS y jugadores de acción.
  • Diseño simple y antideslizante: sin logotipo o gráfico grande en el mousepad para distraerlo durante las sesiones de juego intensivas. La base de goma antideslizante que sujeta firmemente el escritorio puede evitar efectivamente que el mouse y el teclado se deslicen y se muevan.
  • Impermeable y antideslizante: una alfombrilla de goma impermeable en la parte inferior de la alfombrilla del mouse, evita daños por bebidas derramadas, fácil de lavar. La base de goma antideslizante que sujeta firmemente el escritorio puede evitar que el mouse y el teclado se deslicen.
  • Alfombrilla de ratón duradera El marco de costura grande garantiza que no se deshilache ni se desmorone como otras alfombrillas de ratón XL, proporciona un tiempo de servicio prolongado y evita que la capa superior se separe de la base.

To conclude travelers…

The design of these ideal gift items not only involves everyone but they are also available by country and continent. If a friend is the best narrator of your trips or is looking for flight deals, a wall map of the world is the gift that you have been waiting for because it will allow you to continue remembering and yearning.

Embellishing the walls with images known as maps is a complete and practical decorative solution but also a functional addition to a space that was empty and that can now house dreams of future journeys and memories of trips made. Soon we will travel again!

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