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In addition to providing unlimited entertainment such as watching videos, listening to music, or chatting with friends and family, mobile phones can also enable us to learn different branches of knowledge. There are many apps to learn different subjects like math, history, and even languages like English. Geography is just as important as ever, that’s why we’re here to bring you a list of the best apps so you never get lost on the map. He has taken physical geography and political geography classes in school, but he cannot remember even half of the content for so many years. Because it is a basically pure theoretical content, it is not practiced or reviewed as frequently as other subjects, which makes us forget a large number of countries and capitals that we should know a priori.

Is school geography poorly taught?

If we asked people and did a survey on geography to several people of different age ranges, we would find a high percentage that would find it difficult to place certain countries on the world map. We no longer talk about having approximately culture, since knowing or not the capital of a country, its rivers or mountains is a task that, over time, we forget. In addition to this, the way in which geography is taught in high schools means that students do not show much interest, since they essentially demand to memorize all the content by heart. Hence, with these applications for your mobile you will learn (or remember) a lot of geography in an entertaining way.

Best mobile apps to learn geography

Everything is to learn, the methodologies that help us to learn geography in an easy and fun way will be welcome. Here we collect some of the apps that you will like the most to learn more about our planet and this exciting science.


StudyGe-geografía en el mapa

This app had to be first on the list, with more than 1 million downloads on Google Play, StudyGe is an entertaining educational game for each and every one of the ages with which you will be able to learn the names, capitals or flags of each and every country on the planet. Each country is very detailed and you can ask the languages that are spoken, its population, the currency and the way of government. You can test yourself to memorize the most difficult countries or start from the bottom to check what you learned in high school. Throughout the game you will receive achievements when you get the answers right.

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This game was created in 1998 for PC, and more than twenty years later it continues to be a benchmark for transforming you into a geography specialist. With Seterra you will learn the Spanish cities, their autonomous communities and capitals, such as the flags, rivers, mountains, countries, cities and capitals of the planet. You have more than twenty free challenges to learn the geography of Europe and a total of one hundred around the world to test your knowledge. It is free in 5 languages and you can play without being connected to the Internet.

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geography quiz

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Geography Quiz is an application in which you will not only learn to locate countries or capitals. You will answer geography questions of all kinds to take your knowledge to the next level. It includes more than one hundred and sixty different questions accompanied by images and some of them will teach you very curious facts. If you get stuck on one, you can ask for a hint or move on to the next one, although you will lose a life. Every time you fail, you will lose a heart or life. It is available in fifteen different languages, and its drawback is the enormous amount of advertising it displays.

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World atlas and world map MxGeo Pro

atlas mundial

World atlas, world map and geography educational game. More than two hundred and sixty countries, states and territories of the planet with complete economic data and detailed political maps with regional division.

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