Map of Argentina to download and print

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🇦🇷 Looking for a political map of Argentina to download or perhaps print?

Well, you can put an end to your search! Here we offer you a variety of maps of Argentina in high resolution, carefully prepared and ready to be used. From the political map of Argentina, which highlights its administrative divisions, to physical maps that highlight its geographical diversity, maps of rivers that trace its watercourses and a useful silent map for educational purposes.

But that’s not all. If you are interested in delving into the particularities of Argentina, you can also explore other maps that will take you on a virtual journey through this fascinating country. Welcome to Argentina’s geographical adventure!

Argentina Map

Imagine being in the middle of a trivia game and suddenly you are asked about the geography of Argentina. Do you know which tropics crosses the country? Could you identify the Pampas region? What is the humid pampa? Which provinces does the famous route 40 cross?

mapa de argentina para descargar

Argentina is fascinating and diverse, and you’ll come across these questions and many more as you explore its maps. Here are some key features about the country:

  • The Argentine Republic is the fourth largest country in the Americas, surpassed only by Canada, the United States and Brazil.
  • The territory extends over 4361 kilometers, from La Quiaca in the north to Ushuaia in the south.
  • In addition, Argentina has territories in Antarctica and the South Atlantic Islands.

With the diversity of its biomes, climates, and the richness of its marine shelf, understanding the different maps of Argentina can be challenging.

In this article, we will facilitate this journey of discovery, helping you choose the best map to download and print, according to your needs, whether for study, research or personal interest.

For more detailed information about Argentina, visit the Argentina page on Wikipedia .

Argentina political map

mapa político de Argentina

The Argentine Republic, a federal state composed of 23 provinces and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, unfolds in all its splendor on the political map that we offer you. Buenos Aires, the capital of the country, is where the largest concentration of population resides and where the federal government is located, despite multiple attempts to relocate to other provinces.

In this political map of Argentina, you can see:

  • The political and administrative division of the country.
  • The location of the capital of each province.
  • Smaller provinces such as Tucumán.
  • The provinces with access to the sea and their economic importance thanks to the maritime resources of the Atlantic.
  • Bordering countries: Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay.

In addition, in accordance with the regulations in force since 2010, our Argentine political map includes both the continental part and the representation of the Antarctic territory, the insular space (that is, the islands) and maritime.

If you are wondering what a political map is, we invite you to read more in the attached article.

Map of political Argentina
Map of Argentina to download and print 15

Download now this political map of Argentina in high quality! Select the download button to get the PDF ready to print or view on any device.

Argentina physical map

Argentina Mapa físico
Physical map of Argentina Option 1
Mapa físico de Argentina
Physical map of Argentina Option 2

Argentina is the second country in extension in South America, after the enormous Brazil. You may have heard the phrase “Argentina, the country of six continents”. This phrase chosen to attract tourists is because it has the four climates and an incredible variety of reliefs. On physical maps, diversity and geographic features can be differentiated with the various colors used such as browns, greens, yellows, and light blues.

And they serve to answer questions like:

  • Where is the Patagonian plateau?
  • Is the Andes mountain range the only mountain system in the country?
  • What is the highest peak in the country?
  • How long is the country’s exclusive economic zone?

If you learn what each tone represents, you will not only be able to answer these questions, but you will also be able to divide the country into all its regions: Northwest, Northeast, Cuyo, Pampas plains, and Patagonia. The physical map allows you to know the relationship between the color and its height at sea level, an example of which you can see using the Province of Buenos Aires as an example and seeing how the color changes as you move away from the coast.

What is a physical map? It is explained in that article .

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Map of Argentina with marked rivers

mapa de Argentina con ríos

It is enough to look at some photos of the Iguazú Falls or the Perito Moreno Glacier to realize how rich the country’s hydrography is. However, it is not an easy task to recognize the River Plate Basin, which not only passes through Argentine territory but also through Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil and Uruguay.

It is an arduous task to rebuild the course of this basin that flows into the Río de la Plata and receives the waters of two main rivers, the Uruguay and the Paraná. But this does not end all here, in turn these two rivers collect the flow of others such as the Bermejo, the Pilcomayo, the Paraguay and the Iguazú.

Surely, it is impossible to imagine so much mass of water, you just have to imagine that the water of the Falls that belong to the Iguazú River flows into the Paraná River. It is undeniable that the Basin is very similar to the song “Get out of there chivita chivita” with the large number of protagonist rivers.

In the south of the country, there is also the Negro River, the largest in Patagonia, or the Salado River, which is 2,210 km long. However, there are other sources of fresh water in the south and they are the well-known glaciers that are distributed along approximately 3,500 kilometers in the Andes Mountains and provide meltwater to Andean rivers. In this way, they collaborate in reducing the Patagonian drought.

Argentine hydrography will show you what its impact is on the biodiversity of all regions.

If you want a poster of Argentina to hang on the wall you can buy it here .

Blank map of Argentina

Mapa de Argentina Mudo

Surely, after seeing so many maps, I hope you can challenge your memory. What is the Argentine province that is shaped like a boot? Which ones border the mountain range? Or to which peninsula do right whales arrive between May and December? In this type of maps, you will not have delimitations or clarifications but you will be free to play with your knowledge and mark the reliefs, geographical features, rivers, provinces that you want. Since Argentina has a great variety in its food, you can even put together your own gastronomic map. Cheer up, the imagination is as wide as the Cuenca del Plata.

Each type of map is a mapping tool that best represents its purpose. You can download and print the map that works best for your history, geography or natural science activity.

A little information about Argentina

The Argentine Republic is the fourth largest country in the American continent after Canada, the United States of America and the Federative Republic of Brazil. The Argentine territory on the continent has an extension of 4,361 kilometers between the extreme north and the extreme south, from La Quiaca to Ushuaia. And we are only talking about the continental part because the country also has 965,597 km2 on the Antarctic continent and 3,867 km2 on the southern islands (South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands). If you are interested in knowing more about the southern islands, the French writer Jules Verné makes a precise description in “The lighthouse at the end of the world”.

By extension, due to its numerous biomes and climates, due to its richness in the marine platform and due to the diversity of landscapes, understanding and understanding what each type of map of Argentina represents is not an easy task.

In this article, you will discover which is the best file to download and print, taking into account the characteristics of each map of Argentina and which one would go best with your activity at school.

If you want to know more about Argentina you can see it on Wikipedia .

Map of Argentina to download

If what you are looking for is a special map of Argentina and it is not on this page, you can write to us and we promise to get it. Whether you want it to learn more about the nation of mate, barbecue and good wine or for school. Just leave us a message.

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