Map of Israel

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Are you looking for a detailed map of Israel to print? Maybe you’re interested in a political map of Israel? You’ve come to the right place!

Here we offer you access to a high-quality map of Israel, meticulously designed so that you don’t miss any detail when printing it.

Whether you’re exploring Israel or just want to complete your map collection, we’re sure you’ll find just what you’re looking for. From a political map that shows territorial divisions to more specific options like physical maps, we provide you with the ideal tools to dive into and learn about Israel’s fascinating geography! Download, print and discover Israel in detail like never before.

Printable maps of Israel

Our maps of Israel are colorful, easy to understand, high resolution, and best of all, FREE! Whether you’re looking to learn about major cities, political boundaries, or geographic features, you’ll find the variety you need here. And if you’re looking for something fun, we’ve got maps of Israel ready to color too!

Types of Maps of Israel

We offer different options depending on what you need:

  • Political Maps: To understand Israel’s territorial divisions and major cities.
  • Physical maps: which display mountains, rivers, and other natural features of Israel.
  • Mute maps of Israel: ideal for educational practices or assessments.
  • Interactive maps: perfect for dynamic and interactive learning.

All of our maps are designed to give you a clear and simple understanding of Israel’s geography. Select the map you want and start your exploration!

Political Map of Israel

Surely in school you have been assigned the task of presenting a political map of Israel. And this is because one of the most important aspects of a political map is to show territorial boundaries and divisions.

Our political map of Israel shows precisely these political divisions, countries, major cities, and capitals.

You can download the following political map of Israel in good quality from here.

Israel Political Map

Map of Israel with names

If you’re looking for a political map of Israel that includes names, this is it! Available in high quality to print if desired.

Silent Political Map of Israel

If you need a map of Israel for educational practices, this is the one for you. Also known as a map without names, this map model of Israel is perfect for geography exercises.

We offer you three different models of dumb maps of Israel to print:

Map of Israeli cities with divisions

To correctly locate the names of countries, regions and cities, identifying their geographical position on the map.

Map of Israel without divisions

It requires drawing the dividing lines of countries, regions, and cities for identification.

Israel Coloring Pages Map

These maps are black-and-white versions of silent maps of Israel, so you can paint them and fill in the names of cities and countries according to your creativity.

Israel Coloring Pages Map
Map of Israel 13

Physical Map of Israel

This map shows the shady relief of Israeli territory. The highest elevations are depicted in brown and brown, highlighting the mountains and elevations.

Interactive Map of Israel

If you need to zoom in on Israel, here’s an example of an interactive map we use with Google.

Israel Map Explained

And if you still have doubts, we offer you an explanatory video of the map of Israel so that you can have it as a reference.

Israel at a Glance

Israel, located in the Middle East, is a relatively small country, covering an area of around 22,000 square kilometers. It is bordered to the north by Lebanon, to the east by Jordan, to the west by the Mediterranean Sea, and to the south by Egypt. Its geographical diversity is reflected in its landscape, from extensive coastal plains in the west to mountainous areas in the center and north, where the Carmel, Galilee, and Golan Mountains are located. In addition, Israel is home to the lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea, located approximately 430 meters below sea level, renowned for its high salinity and for being a popular tourist site for its therapeutic properties.

The country also has a desert to the south, known as the Negev, characterized by vast arid expanses and rock formations, where a varied flora and fauna adapted to extreme conditions is evident. Its most important rivers, such as the Jordan and the Yarmouk, in addition to being vital for agriculture, contribute to Israel’s diverse landscape, offering a unique environment ranging from green and fertile areas to breathtaking desert areas. This geographical variety not only defines the country’s natural wealth, but also influences its culture, history, and economic activities.

If you want more information about Israel, here is the link to the official website.

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