Map of United Kingdom

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Looking for a printable map of the United Kingdom? Political map of the United Kingdom?

Your search is over! You’ll find all the high-quality UK maps you need, whether to download or print, here! No matter what you need them for, we’re happy you’ve made it this far!

Map of United Kingdom to print 🇬🇧

The UK maps you are looking for are here! They are educational, colorful and high resolution, as well as being free! No matter if you want to learn about political boundaries, demographic accidents, cities, or just practice your coloring skills, we have a map for you!

These maps are available in various formats so you can display them anywhere, from a class to a work meeting. Don’t miss your chance to get your UK maps for FREE!

✋ Before you continue, you have to know how to differentiate:

Difference between United Kingdom, England and Great Britain

The United Kingdom, England, and Great Britain are terms that are often used interchangeably, but actually refer to distinct entities:

  • The United Kingdom is a sovereign country that is made up of four constituent countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • England is one of the nations that make up the United Kingdom. It is the largest and most populous country in the United Kingdom and its capital is London.
  • Great Britain is an island comprising three constituent nations of the United Kingdom: England, Scotland and Wales. It does not include Northern Ireland, which is located on another island.

In short, the United Kingdom is a political entity that includes four countries, England is one of those countries, and Great Britain is an island containing three of those countries.

A little information from the United Kingdom 🇬🇧

The United Kingdom is a country located in Western Europe, known for its rich history and cultural diversity. It is composed of four constituent nations: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Its capital is London and its official language is English. In addition to its cultural heritage, the UK is a major financial centre and popular tourist destination, with vibrant cities and stunning natural landscapes.

If you want more information about the United Kingdom you can find it on Wikipedia or on the official website of the United Kingdom.

Political map of the United Kingdom

Surely at school you have been told… Tomorrow a map of the political UK! And this is because the most important function of a political map is to show territorial boundaries.

In this case, the political boundaries of the United Kingdom, countries, important cities of the United Kingdom and capitals are presented.

The following political map of United Kingdom can be downloaded here in good quality.

United Kingdom Political

👉 Or here’s the UK political map in PDF.

Map of United Kingdom with names

If you are looking for a political map of the United Kingdom with names here we bring it to you. You will have it in good quality and to print if you wish.

Map of United Kingdom with names

👉 Or here you have the map with names of the United Kingdom in PDF .

Political map of United Kingdom Mudo

If you need a map of the United Kingdom to practice this is the one for you. Also called map without names, this more didactic and educational map model of the United Kingdom is the perfect instrument to exercise the geography of the United Kingdom.

Here’s a mute map model of the UK to print:

Map of United Kingdom with names Mudo

👉 UK silent map PDF

And here’s another map without a name and without the capitals:

Map of United Kingdom with names 2
Version 2 of the map without names

🔹 Download English silent map version.

Map of United Kingdom coloring page

This type of map is a silent map of the United Kingdom but in black and white so you can paint it and complete the names of cities and countries.

English map in black and white

👉 Coloring map of United Kingdom PDF

Physical map of the United Kingdom

This map shows the territory of the United Kingdom in shaded relief. The highest elevations are shown in brown and brown, such as Mountains or elevations

UK Map Physical
Version 1
United Kingdom Physical map
Version 2

👉 Physical UK map for printing PDF and version 2 of the map.

Map of countries of the United Kingdom

To complete the catalog of English maps, we know that many of you look for the map of the countries that make it up. Well, here we have it in excellent quality to print.

Countries of United Kingdom

🇬🇧 Download map of UK countries in PDF.

Interactive map of United Kingdom

If you need to zoom in in the United Kingdom here is an example of an interactive map that we use from Google.

Map of United Kingdom explained

And if it has not been completely clear we also have for you a video where we explain in a video the map of the United Kingdom so you can have it at hand.

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