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If you are looking for a map of South America to print… You are in the right place but first let me give you a little introduction:

South America or South America is, as its name indicates, the region located south of the American continent. In this part of the continent a large number of cultures and races merge. And it is bounded by the Caribbean, the South Pacific, the Atlantic and the southern oceans.

mapa america del sur

In South America you will find the highest waterfall in the world (Angel Falls, in Venezuela), the highest mountain range outside Asia (the Andes), the largest river and jungle (Amazon River), has paradisiacal beaches, and one of the widest deserts (Atacama), as well as wonders of the world and countless world heritage sites , declared by UNESCO.

Political map of South America | South America

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Political map of South America to print in good quality

Map of South America | South America with names

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Dumb South America Map | South America Map

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Map of South America in black and white | Map of South America for coloring

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Physical map of South America | South America

Topographic map of South America

A topographic map (also called physical) is an image that shows the geographical features on a certain scale, it is another way of calling physical maps.

Topographic map of South America
Topographic map of South America

South America Map Flags

We have found this great map for you, where you can not only know the political boundaries of each country in South America but also their flags.

Map of South America with flags

South American countries

  • Argentina
  • bolivia
  • Brazil
  • chili
  • Colombia
  • Ecuador
  • Falkland Islands (UK)
  • French Guiana (France)
  • Guyanese
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Surinam
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela

Most important cities in South America

  • Bogota Colombia)
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Caracas Venezuela)
  • La Paz, Bolivia)
  • Lima Peru)
  • Montevideo, Uruguay)
  • Rio de Janeiro Brazil)
  • Santiago, Chile)

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