World map wall, which one should you buy? Full Guide

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Wall world maps are not only an educational tool, but also a decorative element that adds personality to any space.

From cork options to mark destinations to elegant canvases that reflect the beauty of the planet, there’s a style for every purpose.

In this essential guide, we explore the key features you should consider when selecting the perfect wall mural world map , whether you want to plan your next adventures, teach geography in an entertaining way, or simply add a global touch to your décor.

Discover how different styles, sizes, and materials can enrich your environment, and find the map that best suits your vision!

Best Wall World Maps

We have thoroughly researched and carefully selected the most prominent wall world maps on the market. Each option on our list reflects the quality and functionality we look for in these decorative and educational pieces, ensuring that whichever one you choose will be an excellent and valuable addition to your space.

Cork Navaris World Map

image -

We think this cork world map is ideal for those looking for an interactive and aesthetic way to record their travels.


  • Provides an interactive experience to mark visited destinations
  • The overall aesthetic is attractive and complements the home décor
  • Includes pins for easy marking of places


  • Wall adhesion may be insufficient on some surfaces
  • A template is missing to facilitate the correct placement of small parts
  • Some users noticed shortcomings in the details of the map and the lack of some islands

Having just hung our new Navaris cork world map, we are delighted with the personal and warm touch it brings to our living room. The cork material offers an organic texture and a perfect backdrop for our growing set of thumbtacks, each representing a past adventure. It’s really a tangible way to remember our travel experiences.

Our handling of the map reveals that installation is somewhat complicated without a template; Getting the small islands into their proper position is less of a challenge. We advise patience and precision during this process. Once installed, the map becomes a focal point of conversation, although we’ve noticed that a few touch-ups with extra adhesive may be necessary to ensure long-term adhesion, especially on textured walls.

All in all, we have found this cork world map a fun and functional addition to our décor, also providing entertainment by marking each new destination visited. Despite some minor drawbacks with adhesion and lack of detail, we believe it provides a great balance between functionality and style for those who love travel and geography.

Giant World Map by Maps International

image 2 -

We have found a product that combines quality and functionality, ideal for any space that requires a detailed and attractive geographical reference.


  • Large size that facilitates reading and geographical learning.
  • The laminated finish increases durability and allows the use of markers.
  • It comes in packaging that ensures its arrival in excellent condition.


  • As it is in English, it may not be suitable for those who prefer another language.
  • The price can be a bit high compared to lower quality maps.
  • The need for ample wall space for placement.

When unwrapping this monumental map from Maps International, we have marveled at its bright colors and its resistant lamination. The large scale allows you to clearly identify every country and city in the world, making it a front-line educational element for any classroom or workspace.

The glossy finish not only adds a touch of elegance, but also makes it easier to clean the map. Throughout its use, we have found that it withstands the rubbing of fingers and the use of markers without deteriorating, which makes it an extremely practical tool.

That said, you need to consider the space needed to hang it. In our experience, a wide wall will do justice to its design and detail. In short, if you have enough space and are looking for a durable and educational map, this is a safe bet.

World Map Large Wall

image 1 -

Our experience indicates that this map is a suitable choice for those who are looking for both a decorative and an educational painting.


  • It adds a distinctive touch to any room thanks to its large size and striking canvas texture.
  • The clarity of the English texts makes it easy to identify countries and cities.
  • Its light weight allows for simple and safe installation.


  • The need for a large place to hang it due to its large dimensions.
  • It may not be the most detailed option for advanced educational purposes.
  • Only available in English, which might not be preferable for all buyers.

Ever since we hung the Large Wall World Map in the office, we’ve noticed how much dynamism it can bring to a space. Its size is impressive and really captures attention, making it not only decorative but also an interesting landmark for visitors and colleagues.

The quality of the canvas with its texture is something that is immediately appreciated. It makes the map not only a visual element but also a piece that adds texture and character to the decoration. In addition, although it is large, its weight does not require special tools for assembly, so we could easily hang it.

However, we believe that it is important to take space into account. In a smaller place, it would be difficult to appreciate it in its entirety or even fit. Also, for people interested in deep geographic learning, this map may not go into the necessary detail. And although English is a plus for us, it can be a limitation for those who prefer Spanish.

In summary, the Large Wall World Map is an excellent choice if you are looking for an impactful and educational decorative element in your home or office, as long as you take into account its dimensions and the language in which it is presented.

Giant World Map by Maps International

image 3 -

We believe that this world map is a smart purchase because of its quality and ideal dimensions for any large space.


  • High paper quality and resistant lamination
  • Large size and visually appealing
  • Arrives well packaged without deformations


  • All text is in English
  • Can be very large for tight spaces
  • Some may find it aesthetically sober

To explore this map is to immerse yourself in a visual journey without leaving home. I recently hung the Giant World Map from Maps International in my living room and the difference is noticeable. The breadth of the map invites contemplation and its print quality highlights even the finest details of the countries. The contrast of colors makes it easy to distinguish different geographical areas, and the lamination adds a glossy finish that protects against daily wear and tear.

Placing it on the wall was a simple task. It comes rolled up in a tube that ensures its arrival without wrinkles or folds. Although it is entirely in English, this does not diminish its educational and aesthetic value. Their presence turns any room into a more cultured and interesting space.

Size can be a challenge for those looking to place it in limited areas. I would recommend measuring the wall before purchase to make sure the world map fits perfectly. Also, although the design is sober and elegant, some people might prefer a more colorful style or with a more contemporary design touch. However, its simplicity allows it to adapt to various decorations and environments.

Murando Cork Board & Frame

image 4 -

We think this map is a smart buy because of its decorative and practical functionality.


  • Aesthetic and functional design that captures travel memories
  • Easy installation and stability thanks to the wooden frame
  • Vivid colours and crisp details that enrich any space


  • Thumbtacks and fasteners are not included
  • It is not canvas but laminated paper, which can affect the perception of quality
  • Cork is quite fine, which could be a drawback for some uses

When we took the Murando Cork Board & Picture out of its packaging, its quality print caught our attention. The colors are vivid and enhance the décor of any room. Hand-mounted on a wooden frame, we find that it stands firmly and securely on the wall.

Its dual functionality was particularly useful to us. On the one hand, it decorates the environment in an elegant way; on the other, it acts as a cork board where we can mark our trips and future plans. We were able to easily adhere our photos and notes, and the 60x40cm size seemed perfect for a visual summary of our adventures.

However, we noticed that for a multifunctional panel, the absence of thumbtacks and fasteners seemed to us a detail to take into account before buying. In addition, although the printed design is sharp and holds promises of durability, the plastic material of the canvas and the fineness of the cork could be details that some consider when evaluating the overall quality in relation to the price.

In short, we found the Murando Cork Board & Canvas to be a lovely decorative accent with practical utility, despite some minor details that did not affect our overall satisfaction with the product. It is a piece that definitely brings personality and functionality to any wall on which it is placed.

Buying Guide

Key Factors for Choice

When choosing a wall world map, we consider several factors to ensure a satisfactory purchase. The size of the map is crucial; We need it to fit the available wall space. Also, readability is important, let’s make sure that fonts and colors are clear and easy to read from a reasonable distance.

Material and Durability

The material of the world map is an aspect to consider:

CanvasDurable and aesthetic, but can be more expensive.
PaperEconomical, may require lamination for durability.
VinylSuitable for easy application and resistant to minor damage.
MetalHigh durability and modern presence, often more expensive.

Cartographic Details

As for cartographic details, we pay attention to the accuracy and updating of the map. We want it to include all the necessary elements such as countries, major cities, rivers and mountains. The options include political, physical, or thematic maps, and the choice depends on how we will use it.

Aesthetics and Design

The design of the world map must be in harmony with the decoration of the space. We opt for colors and styles that complement our environment, whether it’s a classic or contemporary style.

Additional Features

Some wall maps offer additional features such as:

  • Interactivity: possibility of marking places visited or of interest.
  • Custom Illustrations: artistic details that add a unique touch.
  • Education: maps with additional information that may be useful for educational purposes.

Let’s choose wisely with these aspects in mind to find the perfect wall map for our need.

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