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World map to print? Political world map? Physical world map? World map with names? Not to mention more!

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A world map is a representation of our planet and can be on a three-dimensional plane such as a globe or a planisphere.


In this article we will talk especially about world maps in their two-dimensional representation, commonly called “world map”, world map or planisphere. This plot of Earth on a flat map requires some distortion of geographic features to render. The Mercator projection is the most used and famous. This type of projection causes minimal country-shaped distortion near the equator, a small amount of distortion at mid-latitudes, but extreme distortion near the poles. For that reason, the map does not extend to the north and south poles.

world map to print

If you need a good quality map to download and print for free, you are in the right place because you will find planispheres in excellent resolution so that you can use it for school or decorate your room.

political world map

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What is a political world map?

A world map (from the medieval Latin mappa mundi , meaning “map of the world”) is a cartographic representation (map) of the entire surface of the earth… The most important purpose of a political map is to show territorial boundaries. It is a world map that presents the countries of the world, differentiates them with colors and presents relevant information such as their name, capital, limitation and some outstanding geographic location. For example, like the Orinoco River in the case of Latin America.

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How many countries does the political world map represent?

The political world map represents all the countries of the world with their territorial limits and a proportion of each country according to the Mercator projection .

Are all world maps the same?

Not all maps include the capitals of their countries or states, as is the case with silent political world maps, which sometimes do not even have limitations, but it is because they are a didactic teaching tool for geography.

If you want to learn how the internal and external territory of each country is divided politically, this is the indicated map since you can find different models of political world maps with names, including other relevant data on the geography of the globe.

silent world map

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Also called black and white world map, these models are more didactic and educational for children, since they are the perfect instrument for learning geography. Here we leave you a model of a silent world map to print it and get started. However, the blank world maps to print can be found in different formats:

·  With divisions: It is to locate the names of the countries correctly and identify their geographical location on the map.

·  Without divisions: It forces to draw the dividing lines of the countries and later identify them.

White Blank Political World Map

When the silent world map includes divisions, it is possible to find it with different colors to mark the differences between the countries, while the silent world maps without divisions will never include colors.

Colored World Map

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Map of the silent world in colors where it will serve to teach better and to print.

If you like the modern map styles of our website you can see our page with the maps of Europe or South America .

world map with names

mapamundi con nombres
World map with names 3000 x 2000

These types of maps offer you more information to learn, such as the division of the countries, their capitals and some curiosities, while you can also find data on the oceans, winds, relief and continents. The larger the maps, the more details and information they can contain.

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The  Political world maps with country names should be as up-to-date as possible as countries tend to be divided or unified like Serbia and Montenegro for example. The more recent the globe, the more accurate the information:

·  Cities: They may not bring the internal divisions of the country, but they do mention the relevant cities, they tend to be state capitals.

·  States: They include the internal divisions of each country, but do not always include their names.

·  Relief: Some include color gradients to show the altitude of the land of each country or its vegetation.

·  Oceans: You can include information on sea currents and how they reach each continent and sea of each country.

·  Winds: Explains and details the air currents that run through the globe.

To contain exact data of each fact, the world map requires a recent update, so it is recommended to look for a current model. In addition, the more information it contains, the more useful it will be for learning.

Political world map with flags


Here I leave you a world map with the flags of each country as an extra to the political world map.

Physical World Map

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The physical world map shows the world’s terrain relief with landforms and major country boundaries shown as white lines. It includes the names of the world’s oceans and the names of the main bays, gulfs and seas. Lower elevations are shown in dark green with a gradient from green to dark brown to gray as elevation increases. This allows the main mountain ranges and lowlands to be clearly visible.

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This map is also a Mercator projection centered on Europe and Africa. A mile scale is not shown on these maps because the scale changes with distance north and south of the equator. The scale is greatly exaggerated as the distance from the equator increases.

More World Maps

real world map

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As we have explained, the mercator map is the most used, but the actual size of the countries closest to the poles varies due to the special shape of the Earth.
In the world map below we show you the real size of the countries in dark blue and in light blue the size with which they appear in the Mercator projection.

If you want to check more sizes of countries, we leave you a very interesting page where you can compare the real sizes of the countries.
The True Size Web

Ancient World Map

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A world map in sepia with aged details, for your school projects or to hang on the wall of your room.

Printable Old World Map

interactive world map

An interactive world map is a type of map that can consist of a gamification (game) or that includes other functions that can be applied to it, such as relief and information.


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