World map in high quality to download and print

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Welcome to the perfect place to download world map in high quality! Here you will find a wide variety of maps of the world: political, physical and mute, all available for download in excellent quality.

Would you rather have a hard copy? No problem! You can also print them very easily. But that’s not all, we also offer interactive world maps to test your knowledge of geography. Look no further, here’s everything you need to satisfy your cartographic curiosity!

What is a world map?

It is a graphic representation of the whole world in a plane or in a sphere. It is used to show the location of continents, countries, oceans, seas and other geographical elements. It is an important tool for education and navigation.

World map to print

If you need a good quality map or a world map to print pdf, you have come to the right place because you will find planispheres in excellent resolution so you can use it both for school or decorate your room.

Also, we offer you a wall map and that you can have it tomorrow at home.

Political world map

Perhaps you have come here looking only for political world map and it is the best known, the most requested in schools and also if you want to plan a trip or learn more about geography.

What is political world map?

It is a geographical map of the earth’s surface or its various parts, showing the boundaries of countries and other administrative and territorial units .

Political maps generally do not focus on geographic or settlement features, such as topography, settlement networks, and road and rail communication routes.

If you want to learn how the internal and external territory of each country is divided politically, this is the indicated map since you can find different models of political world maps with names, including other relevant data on the geography of the globe.
Download world map
Political world map in excellent quality.
Download world map
Map option 2.

Download your political division world map in pdf in the following button or click on the image above and select “save image”.

Silent world map

Also called black and white maps, these models are more didactic and educational for children, since they are the perfect instrument for learning geography. Here we leave you a mute world map model to print and get started.

Mute world map
Political silent map to download.

Colored World Map

When the silent world map includes divisions, it is possible to find it with different colors to mark the differences between the countries, while the silent world maps without divisions will never include colors.

Map of the silent world in colors where it will serve to teach better and to print.

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If you like the modern map styles of our website you can see our page with the maps of Europe or South America .

World map with names

These types of maps offer you more information to learn, such as the division of the countries, their capitals and some curiosities, while you can also find data on the oceans, winds, relief and continents. The larger the maps, the more details and information they can contain.

mapamundi con nombres scaled -
World map in high quality to download. Measures 2560px x 1707px

Political world maps with country names should be as up to date as possible, as countries tend to split or unify as Serbia and Montenegro, for example. The more recent the globe, the more accurate the information:

Cities: They may not bring the internal divisions of the country, but mention relevant cities, they tend to be state capitals.

States: They include the internal divisions of each country, but do not always include their names.

Relief: Some include color gradations to show the altitude of the land of each country or its vegetation.

Oceans: You can include information on ocean currents and how they reach each continent and sea of each country.

Winds: Explains and details the air currents that travel around the globe.

To contain exact data of each fact, the world map requires a recent update, so it is recommended to look for a current model. In addition, the more information it contains, the more useful it will be for learning.

Political world map with flags


Here I leave you a world map with the flags of each country as an extra to the political world map.

Physical World Map

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The physical planisphere shows the relief of the world’s terrain with geographical features, oceans, seas, rivers and the boundaries of major countries shown as white lines. It includes the names of the world’s oceans and the names of the main bays, gulfs and seas. Lower elevations are shown in dark green with a gradient from green to dark brown to gray as elevation increases. This allows the main mountain ranges and lowlands to be clearly visible.

This map is also a Mercator projection centered on Europe and Africa. A mile scale is not shown on these maps because the scale changes with distance north and south of the equator. The scale is greatly exaggerated as the distance from the equator increases.

Real world map

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As we have explained, the mercator map is the most used, but the actual size of the countries closest to the poles varies due to the special shape of the Earth.
In the world map below we show you the real size of the countries in dark blue and in light blue the size with which they appear in the Mercator projection.

If you want to check more sizes of countries, we leave you a very interesting page where you can compare the real sizes of the countries.
The True Size Web

Dive Deeper into the World’s Tapestry: While the global view offers a grand perspective, the true essence of culture, history, and geography is often in the details. Journey with us and explore:

  • 🗺️ Discover the vast landscapes in the map of United States
  • 🌎 Unearth the equatorial charms of Ecuador
  • 🏰 Navigate the rich history of Germany
  • 🍷 Embrace the art and aroma of Italy
  • 🌍 Traverse the diverse realms of Europe

How to print a map of the world?

In you can download a map of the political, physical or name world in high quality in PDF format. You can then print the downloaded map using a paper printer.

How can I print maps for free?

On our website, you can download political and physical world maps, world maps with names and silent maps in high quality for free. The maps are available in PDF format and you can print them on paper using a printer.

How can I print a large world map?

Here you can download world maps in high quality in PDF format, allowing you to print the downloaded map in the size you want. If you want to print a large world map, you can take the PDF file to a printer that offers large format printing services.

How do I create a custom printable map?

In you do not offer the possibility to create custom maps. However, you can download a blank or mute world map and use graphic design tools like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape to create your own custom map. You can then print the downloaded map on paper using a printer.

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